Selling Your Parts

Austin Bantam Parts co. is a small business dedicated to the restoration, enjoyment, and preservation of American Austin and American Bantam civilian cars. We have an evolving inventory that changes as we sell and acquire parts. So, we are always looking for new parts to purchase.

However, we are also realists regarding price. We unfortunately cannot offer retail or near retail prices for the parts you have. The demand for the parts is fairly low and a lot of resources are consumed merely storing inventory, let alone the processes of procuring, listing, shipping, and refurbishing parts, as well as many of the other costs associated with running a business. Believe me, we are not here to get rich from Austin and Bantam parts, but rather to ensure these parts are reliably available to enthusiasts.

If this dissuades you from contacting us to sell your parts, you may wish to try selling your parts by joining either club directed to American Austins and American Bantams as each club has classified advertisement sections available for their paid members. You may also wish to take your parts to a club meet to sell them at an Austin or Bantam dedicated swap meet. Ebay is an option, but it takes time to sell everything. Whatever you do, please do not scrap or throwaway anything. While they may not be worth a fortune, they may mean the difference between a car returning to the road or languishing in a garage.

If you’d like to contact us about selling your parts, click the button below.